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Unlock your financial potential

What do the millionaire's do that makes them so successful? The answer is they have a"Do whatever it takes" mindsetthat keeps them sharply focused on their goal which is to make money by investing and creating passive income streams that require little or no effort on their part but earn them income every day.

Do you want to live a life of choice and have the means to do it?

Then you should attend these1 day eventshosted across South Africa that will give you the tools to create wealth with tried and tested wealth building strategies.

Presented by Rick Potgieter, inventor of SPAM - Secure Profit Algorithmic Method) a trading technique that requires little human intervention and has positively changed the trading experience for beginner traders forever. Rick has shared his knowledge of trading the global market as an independent trader since 2001. As a Trading expert Rick Potgieter provides coaching and mentorship for South Africans wanting to become successful online traders using his home-grown Secure Profit Algorithmic Method (putting some good use to the acronym SPAM).


  • BLOCKCHAIN & CRYPTOCURRENCY - With all the buzz about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency it is confusing to say 
    the least. We make it easy to understand how to choose a coin and learn how to mine it.
  • GOLD & DIGITAL GOLD - The wider perception is that holding gold is only for the elite few. Not so, find out how you too can invest in gold at affordable prices.
  • PROPERTY INVESTMENT - Learn to navigate the pitfalls of investing in property. How to buy a property and create a passive income stream by renting that property out.
  • GLOBAL MARKET TRADING - Learn what the best trading strategies are for trading on the global markets from experts with the knowledge you need.


13 October 2018 CAPE TOWN - Park Inn Newlands 9am to 5pm BOOK NOW