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Spend your time on the golf course while your money makes money for you.
Financial independence isn't just for the lucky few
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Learn how to create potent passive income streams

You are invited to unlock your financial future at Passive Income Mastery,  available NOW in at a city near you IN SOUTH AFRICA.


To create wealth, takes a change of mindset & daily routine. Focus on the goal and use the best strategies & plans available.

To transform a dream into reality requires planning and focus as well as tried & tested wealth building strategies.

Our passive income experts host workshops all over Southern Africa and will teach you how to use your passive income to create the best passive income streams that generate revenue for you without you working harder or putting in more effort and time that you already do.

Trading in global markets is not for the faint at heart, but it could be your saving grace; a means to creating that home-based business that works for you while you're do what you choose & love to do.

How does that sound? Granted, it isn't easy and there are some risks, but no one ever got ahead in life without taking a chance or two. 

Are you a risk taker?

money laptopWhat is passive income?

Passive income is a mindset. It is a success mindset. It is the realisation that where you are now in life isn't serving your needs, and that you need to grow out of your current situation.

Growth is achieved through stimulation. Stimulation, in the context of passive income, is learning. Whether you want to go into property investment, forex and currency trading, bit coin mining and related bit coin strategies or gold investment, realise and accept that every successful passive income venture has a high initial learning curve. Be prepared to sacrifice your time, at least initially, so that you can have more of it later.



Our interactive workshops are designed to get you participating, thinking, strategising and applying the skills you learn to help you reach your financial goals.

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Benefits of more income

  • More disposable income
  • Make money while you sleep
  • Spend more time with your family
  • Play more golf
  • Take more overseas holidays
  • Clear debt quickly

One-on-One Consultations

Tailored guidance based on your current environment and your goals to help you create a better life –  for yourself and those you love.

Passive Income Strategies

Learn how to work efficiently to create a long-term passive income with a sustainable earning potential.

Wealth Development Tools

Enhance your wealth mindset and learn which tools to use to simplify your journey to a profitable passive income or financial independence.

Advanced Tips and Advice

Learn more about Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining, property investment, forex and commodities trading, etc.

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Please note:
Registration begins at 8am.

You must register at the information desk with your ticket prior to the event to be marked off as a confirmed delegate.

The event commences at 9am.

Due to travel, flights and accommodation the schedules of some of the speakers may not be able to attend the event or may appear at a different time. However all topics and content that is provided in the agenda will be discussed and presented. The lineup may be subject to change with prior notice.

Local and International Speakers

Acclaimed Speakers are carefully selected based on track record and experience. Learn how to approach wealth and identify worthwhile opportunities.

Conray Labuschagne

Conray Labuschagne

Mindset // Business // Passive Income


Rick Potgieter

Rick Potgieter

Trading // Business // Finance


Tony De Gouveia

Tony de Gouveia

Network Marketing // Entrepreneurship